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Fai D Flourite (Tsubasa Chronicles) Cosplay by Darkeyez27
Fai D Flourite (Tsubasa Chronicles) Cosplay
This cosplay has put me through hell and back, and I still have issues that I have to work out, like final details and other small things.
I just wanted to get the bulk of it done. I would take a solid 95%. That was my mission...
I salute you! 

I was dwelling, crying, went though sleepless nights, blue printing, scrapping ideas, modifying, tweaking, and killing myself over this cosplay for a bit over 5 months! I even missed a convention over this cosplay, and it even caused me to have a complete meltdown after trying to get it done in time by trying to pull off a 48 hour cosplay rush. It wasn't happening, and this cosplay was almost scrapped. This has to be my most stressful cosplay I have ever put together, and I STILL think it needs more work in some places. I'm not perfect...
No, I disagree! 

On the other hand, this has to be my biggest cosplay I have ever put together, in more ways than one. As I said, i'm not perfect, and it shows in my work, but damnit, I did it. I've always wanted to be Fai ever since I was a newbie cosplayer, and everyone and their mother were cosplaying from Tsubasa Chronicles. If they weren't Naruto or Sasuke, they were Fai or Sakura or someone from the main four. I never got the chance, because I had unreliable friends to be honest, but FINALLY!!!!!

Onto the details:
The staff head is made of funfoam and wonderflex, plus clay for the spikes. The gems were made of resin, and the big gem was made with this clear worbla. I used Styrofoam as a base, but it broke in half when I stored it away. Things got moved around, and it snapped in half. I didn't even know how to work with it if I wanted to add any LED lights, so I had to scrap it and start over. Yes, the staff lights up. It's bad quality in the light, but it can light up a room pretty damn good in the dark. It's basically a night light. My shoes light up too. Please don't ask why I made my shoes light up. I honestly don't know why.
The staff bottom however IS actually made with Styrofoam, along with funfoam and wonderflex. Plus some clay for some details.
The pole is a PVC pipe.
Sweating a little... 

The chest piece thingy was made with Styrofoam, Wonderflex, wall spackle, and Gesso. The... (CLAMP, what the hell is this thing?!)... uhh... shoulder brace(?) was made with PVC pipe, wonderflex strips to use as "Tape", and wall spackle. I had to look up tutorials on how to heat bend PVC pipes. I even used a laundry hamper/ basket lid for the large circle shape, and a small can of tomato paste for the half ringlets.
...the day has come where I used a small can of tomato paste... to make a cosplay.
It's being supported up by small long sticks of wood that was oddly just sitting in my basement... either way... thank you basement. This part of the cosplay was the part that made me miss the con. Thank you for helping me.

The whole cosplay, fabric wise, except the shoes and gloves (obviously, cuz i'm not that good) was stitched BY FLIPPIN HAND! YOU HAVE NO CLUE HOW MANY HOLES AND HOW MUCH SKIN RIPPED OFF FROM HAVING TO STITCH EVERYTHING BY HAND BECAUSE I FAIL TO HAVE A SEWING MACHINE!!! The details, the drapes... (?), the train, everything! My back... my back...
I had to made some modifications on the cosplay itself. This cosplay called for an ankle length dress I believe. I was COMPLETELY uncomfortable with that, and settled with splitting it down the middle to make a train. I never walked with a train, but I can say that it's an experience.
Oh Noes! 

Over all, this was a dream cosplay that became a living nightmare. It DID push me into learning about other things like electric circuitry, drilling, wood work, and detailed painting. I don't know how long this cosplay will hold for, but I do hope it lives through a few conventions. I mean, I can't even lift my arms, so what crazy nonsense could I possibly get myself into in this thing? Everyone around me seemed pretty stoked on how it came out, but I still think there's room for improvement. I AM glad that I DID finish this cosplay, and not toss it out the window.


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I haven't touched my deviant art in YEARS, and now i'm going through everything and... wow... it needed an upgrade.
I'm not sure if i'll fully keep my promise, but I hope that 2016 is the year I fully utilize this website. I haven't posted anything in years, and I hope I can fix that soon.

But for now, web page is going through some MAJOR construction~
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